Cedna provided our family with a snapshot in time of some very special moments. The end of my pregnancy and the first days with our new baby went by so fast, but I can always look back at our photos and remember all the smells, touches, struggles, joy and exhaustion that happened in that short time. Her photos captured our life, it was not a staged photoshoot of awkward family photos. They feel authentic and raw, true to our lives. I’m so glad I did both these shoots, even if I was hesitant about the maternity photos at first;)

On a professional level, working with Cedna was easy and fast. She is approachable and quick to respond. She understood what we wanted out of the photos and also provided her own creative input. Especially working with our young boys she was great, and we all know how hard it is to get a 7 year old to do anything other than the “cheese” smile.

We couldn’t be happier.