My husband and I are utterly content with our wedding photos. I cried the first time we went through them, I was so happy that all these wonderful moments were preserved forever!

At the beginning, not only was Chedna easy to reach but excellent at communicating exactly what she would provide us with. As an artist she is entirely aware of where she excels, and what sort of work she just isn’t a good fit for.

Our wedding had a lot of children and Chedna captured a lot of amazing moments of the kids and their families that we were thrilled to find. She has a wonderful eye for beautiful moments that evoke memories very distinctly. My husband and I said this several times: I kept looking over and seeing something and thinking “gosh that would make a great picture” and she had already caught it, or was in the process of doing so.

Chedna took our suggestions (more family and friends candids, fewer portraits) and requests, worked her butt off on our wedding day, and gave us back a finished product we’ll treasure always. While we were initially not sure about the portraits, they turned out beautifully and we are really glad she was so firm about getting them.

Cannot recommend her highly enough!