Mirna + Iko | Lake Minnewanka, Banff Love Session

I met Mirna and Iko a few years ago through mutual friends. They both come from Croatia (my little home-country too) and their journey to and throughout Canada, prior to coming to Calgary has been filled with many twists and turns. They have endured many things yet are defined (in my view at least) by their relationship, which is full of admiration, loyalty, support, strength and sweetness and it ultimately inspired me to take these photographs of them. We headed out to Lake Minnewanka and spent a few hilarious, albeit cold hours together. Little did I know that Mirna is petrified of bears and every little noise we heard or bush off the main road I made them crawl into gave her serious anxiety and girly squeals …Hopefully they will warm up to the new, wild and rugged outdoors they now call home.

They are both lovely people and they hold a key trait of also being passionate Vegans and great cooks – Iko’s “pitas” beat any Croatian mom’s cooking. For inspiration on healthy vegan meals or to find out more about their story, wander over to their site VeggieTale Life.