Karen + Aaron | Calgary Couple Photography |The Love of Two Eclectic Calgary Artist Souls

Karen and Aaron are two Calgary artists whose work I have admired for years. There is something intangible, raw and beautiful in their work, which always elicits diverse emotions, least of which for me is curiosity, wonder, sometimes melancholy, other times enchantment etc.. I always discover something new when I revisit it.

Karen Klassen is a Calgary based illustrator, painter, and fashion artist, who works with a wide variety of materials and mediums and she kicks ass in quite literally everything she touches. I first became acquainted with her creative vision and ability to steer anything with conviction, creative flair and equal parts humor – when we worked together in 2014 on a project for Calgary Bride | Luxe Magazine. Her personal work is however where her true passion and talent reside and I find inspiration in everything that she creates.

And then I met Aaron Sidorenko (her equally brilliant and talented other half) and I really can’t string words together that would do any justice in depicting his talent or how outstanding his work is. It is gritty, it demands attention, his portraits seem to come to life and leap out at you; his work speaks to me – and that’s the kind of art I appreciate the most. Not the neatest or conventionally ‘pretty’, but raw and gritty and powerful enough to convey something and to make you feel something kind of art – whatever that something may be.

So here are a few images of their eclectic love, which I am certain is so much more than a few pictures but I experienced it as open, honest, playful, extremely funny and wonderful with a healthy dose of warm artistic endearment.