The Truth?

My parents gifted me with an unusual name which is very rare even in my own culture – it means someone of virtue and humble demeanor. I consider myself to be an old soul. I see life through a contemplative lens; I am highly introspective and am always reflecting on everything around me. I struggle when it comes to writing about myself. Although I find it challenging to sift through all the intricacies and complexities of what makes me who I am, what I can say with absolute certainty is that I believe each person’s story is important, holds value and should be shared. I am committed to hearing and understanding those stories, people’s needs, inspirations, challenges, quirks and the vision for their day in order to translate all of those elements into photographs that portray the beauty and power of what they have shared.
Born and raised in former Yugoslavia, the 90’s Balkan war brought my family to Canada. I have lived through a life of adversity and have moved through it with unprecedented grit, commitment, perseverance and honesty. I channel all these aspects through me and into the art I create, always intentional about everything I say and do. I value integrity above all else, which to me means never taking a fast or easy approach to anything I do. My upbringing and experiences have ingrained in me the importance of resilience, creativity, self-expression, the beauty of human character and importance of staying true to oneself despite all the surrounding noise life throws our way.
Prior to immigrating to Canada, my childhood was a labyrinth of the most peculiar moments and experiences and I hold onto those memories with love. Growing up modestly and without many material things or current day opportunities I grew to appreciate the time spent with people you love, creating something out of nothing and deriving joy from simple things in life. I am madly in love with my children Nastasia and Neven and my family inspires me daily to strive to be a better human being than the one I was yesterday. I love nothing more than a great conversation over dinner with friends and I would give up all of my worldly possessions for a lifetime of scalp massages and the ability to spend just one more day with the loved ones I have lost. My greatest fear in life is not fulfilling my potential as a human being; my greatest challenge currently is the art of self-compassion and importance of progress versus perfection.

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