Cedna Photography

As far back as I can remember, I have possessed intrigue and immense appreciation for art and all forms of creative expression. Photography is an outlet I am most passionate about - ever engaging, ever evolving and ever challenging my perspective in life. I am inspired daily by bursts of genuine and suspended moments and my approach to photography is thus primarily one of quiet and unobtrusive observation. A firm believer in the importance of trying to keep alive the nuances and subtleties which often go unnoticed, I seek to bring to life aspects that are authentic to each individual story, the situation at hand as well as my own individual voice.

I consider people and their life experiences infinitely unique and intriguing and as such, I am always beyond grateful to be a part of any such experience. I believe in the importance of building personal relationships with my clients, which are based on genuine disposition and freedom to be oneself without limitation or pretense.

On a more personal note - Chedna who...?

Born and raised in Eastern Europe, the 90's Balkan war brought my family to Canada. My childhood was a labyrinth of the most moving and peculiar moments. Always surrounded by highly eccentric, larger than life characters inspired me to search for my own identity and ways to develop and preserve my creative energies. My upbringing has made me appreciate individualism and authenticity of character above all else and I strive to portray that wherever possible.

I am a collage of my life experiences and a collection of self-imposed challenges and that is the driving force behind my appreciation of people, perception, culture and intricacies which make us all so uniquely diverse.